By purchasing FIGUR you are helping reshape the world for other women in need…

FIGUR will be donating to Australian charity Share the Dignity from every purchase. Share the Dignity gives sanitary products to homeless women and fights for domestic violence victims. #womensupportingwomen

Women supporting women extends beyond charity. The mission of FIGUR is also to encourage women to not only love and accept themselves but to also love and accept each other. We must transform competition into collaboration, and lift and inspire each other rather than pull each other down. True confidence has no room for jealousy and envy. When you know you are great, when you accept yourself, accept your body,  you have no reason to hate or judge others, you accept and love the world around you… Be that kind of woman. 

So join the #figurmovement

FIGUR is for women reshaping the world.

FIGUR is about being kind, being you, being confident, supporting each other, while receiving a little bit of support in those areas needed . 

I’m so excited to now  pursue my greater purpose with FIGUR… to help women all over the world feel fabulous in being exactly who they are. 

Love Jules x

When purchasing your FIGUR you instantly start to reshape the world with us. 

Thank you for donating $1 to Share the Dignity, a women’s charity that makes a real, on-the-ground difference for girls and women experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and period poverty.

Share the Dignity collects thousands of sanitary products each year for women in need.

Small dignities make a big difference. At FIGUR we campaign for justice for women in Australia and are all about women supporting woman.