Shapewear Ambassador 2021 Stephanie Mathys for FIGUR by Jules

Age: 26 | Size: 10-12

I love the values and ethics of FIGUR. I inherited the ‘family hips’, big hips but a small waist! I’ve always been quite self conscious about how clothes sit on my body.

It’s sometimes difficult to find clothes that accentuate my curves and my figure!
I’ve also been diagnosed with endo.

Six months ago I had a laparoscopic surgery to cut out the endo that was in my abdominal wall. Due to the surgery, some of my organs were jiggled around a bit and I seem to permanently have a bloated belly that has left me feeling a little bit self
conscious. I believe that FIGUR will help me to feel less self conscious and feel more confident in myself!

July 26, 2023 — Balbir Kumar